Televising Inspection CCTV

Closed Circuit Televised (CCTV) Inspection is a state-of-the-art diagnosis system. Motorized cameras are inserted into a sewer line. The cameras are operated by a Pipeline Assessment Certified inspector. The inspector will guide the camera through the pipeline and find the problem or potential problem areas. When the areas have been located and the diagnosis is made, the municipality may then have the proper work done to repair the line.

Closed Circuit Televised Inspection may also be utilized to provide a record of the locations of all service lines in your sewer system.

CCTV Specs:

  • Sanitary sewer diameter 6"-48"
  • Pan 360˚, Tilt 270˚, Zoom 10x
  • Auxiliary light kit for larger diameter pipes
  • 1000' distance from access point
  • PipeTech video inspection software integrate able to your GIS & City software
  • DVD format
  • Written inspection reports
  • PACP Certified Operators (Pipeline Assessment & Certification Program)
Joy Larsen doing a televised inspection