Municipal Sewer Services

With the growing demand from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to protect the nation’s water resources, the reduction in the number of sanitary overflows has become an increasing concern. This concern has lead to the introduction of the CMOM (Capacity Assurance, Management, Operations, and Maintenance) proposal. CMOM is a proposed rule that will elaborate on and expand the permit requirements for the 19,000 municipal sanitary sewer collection systems.

Trenchless Technology inspection and data collection supports programs such as CMOM and GASB-34. Trenchless Technology ensures better and more comprehensive data and allows a single TV inspection to serve multiple purposes. Many municipalities are turning to this form of inspection as a less expensive and more productive form of diagnosis than prior forms, which entailed major/minor construction of roads.

Municipal Sewer Service
municipal sewer service
Municipal sewer service
municipal sewer service