Jet/Vac Cleaning

Ritter & Ritter, Inc. provides nationwide Jet/Vac service to municipalities, utility companies, contractors, businesses and government agencies.

City Sewer Main Line Cleaning

Ritter & Ritter, Inc. specializes in the cleaning of city sewer lines ranging from 6”-48” in diameter. Over time city sewer lines may become corroded with sludge, dirt, grease, sand, and tree roots. Left unattended these minor problems could potentially turn into major construction projects and cost money that could have been spent in other needed areas.

Utilizing the Jetting/Vacuum features of our equipment, Ritter & Ritter technicians insert a high pressure water hose (fitted with a variety of specialty nozzles to complete wide ranging tasks) into the sewer line to clean and remove the debris. During this process, the vacuum tube is placed into the manhole to remove unwanted debris that may potentially cause problems. We then insert a camera into the sewer line to inspect for damage that has been caused by infiltration. If requested, we can provide a recording of all infiltration damage and services connecting the mainline. If line requires a second cleaning, we then repeat the process.

Digester Cleaning • Root Removal • Joint Calcium Build-Up

Jetter/Vacuum Specs:

  • Dewatering high-flow lines and lift stations
  • Vacuum debris removal (12 yd capacity)
  • Vertical vacuum cleaning (50+ ft)
  • 125 gallons/minute @ 2000 psi with multi-flow options
  • 800' distance from access point
  • High-pressure wash guns for lift station cleaning
  • Confined space entry for extreme cleaning
  • Sanitary sewer diameter 6"-60" and storm sewer diameter 6"-60"
  • Culvert cleaning
  • Filter median-water that trickles down through the rocks and forms biomats (rocks and crushed sand)
Jet Vac drain cleaning