Contractor Sewer Services

Located in the Industrial Park in Aitkin, Minnesota puts us in a prime area to service much of North Central Minnesota. You may be assured by our vast capabilities and the extensive knowledge of our drivers, that you will be given the best and exclusive service for your sewer needs.

Bio-solids, water, marine waste, and city sewer ponds are a few of the numerous items that our trucks are capable of hauling and have already hauled in the past. Ritter & Ritter, Inc. will work hand in hand with the MPCA to ensure that all steps are followed and all the proper tests have been completed, when removing bio-waste products.

As contractors, you may well know that many cities require new sewer lines to be televised after installation. This is to check for imperfections that will cause future problems. Utilizing Trenchless Technology, Ritter & Ritter, Inc. specializes in the cleaning and televising of new sewer lines, as well as the re-lining of lateral lines. Having had this technology performed by our certified technicians, you will not only be compliant with the city requirements, but also with CMOM requirements as well.

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